Women’s Cricket Tours

Women's Cricket Tours

The first instance of women’s cricket is found in 1745, when a match that took place between the villages of Bramley and Hambledon near Guildford in Surrey. The Bramley maids had blue ribbons and the Hambledon maids had red ribbons on their heads. Women’s matches were played on many occasions between villages in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. The game got its international council for women cricket established in 1958. In early days the game was played majorly in England and Australia but has widely spread its wings to other cricket playing nations.

Unfortunately, women’s cricket has still not received the due recognition among audience like the Men’s cricket. Women cricket hardly get audience in the stadium comparing to the Men’s cricket and this is why Sports Tour Packages feel immense pleasure to take an initiative to aware people about the women cricket and urge the cricket enthusiast to come forward to cheer your favourite teams live in the stadium like you do for men’s cricket. This will definitely strengthen not only our women cricketers but will also encourage more women towards the sport.

Women Cricket in India is also getting its pace and we have seen that during the ongoing bilateral series with England, people reached to Wankhede stadium to watch the match. Sports Tour Packages really appreciate such audiences who have come to the stadium to cheer the Indian team and also find it as a good move towards promoting Women cricket in India. Men sporting events get its due audience and sometime overbooked to capacity but during women sporting event, we always find lack of enthusiasm. When India strongly believes and encourage “women power”, we believe that the same should depict in all sphere of life. We therefore request all cricket and sports enthusiast to come along, cheer up our women sports star and spread a message worldwide showing our respect towards the women power.